Egg of Prophecy

Eggs of Prophecy, also known as Prophecy Eggs are very rare special eggs added in V.1.7.

The first time an Egg of Prophecy is obtained, a message explaining them appears.

They function as an extra multiplier of your current Soul Eggs, increasing their multiplier by 5% per Egg of Prophecy. They are even referred to as 'very rare Soul Eggs' in the explanation message. The Epic Research 'Prophecy Bonus' raises the bonus gained by 1% compounding.

A total of 13 Prophecy Eggs can be obtained as of now, however they are missable.


Prophecy Popup

The message that appears when you collect your first Egg of Prophecy.

Currently Eggs of Prophecy are obtained from Contracts as rewards for achieving every goal.

Prophecy Rewards
Name Rewarded
Chocolate! 1 Prophecy Egg
Easter Egg Shortage 2 Prophecy Eggs
Engage! 1 Prophecy Egg
Quantum Blitz 1 Prophecy Egg
Super Food Drive 1 Prophecy Egg
A New Sun 1 Prophecy Egg
Galactic Outreach 1 Prophecy Egg
Mother's Day Brunch 1 Prophecy Egg


  • If Prophecy Bonus is upgraded before obtaining any Prophecy Eggs, the popup explaining Prophecy Eggs will show the increased bonus instead of the base.
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