The Easter Egg is a contract-only egg in Egg, Inc. It was added in version 1.7.

It is one of the two Easter contract eggs, the other being the Chocolate Egg. It is the harder of the two due to being worth even less than an Edible Egg.

They were laid in huge quantities due to a galactic Easter Egg shortage for hunts.

Appearance Edit

The Easter Egg is a yellow egg with a blue band bordered by white over the middle. White zigzags with light yellow dots are painted on the top and the bottom, as well as an alternating pattern of red and yellow flowers adorn the middle.

Egg 1
Edible Egg
Egg 2
Superfood Egg
Egg 3
Medical Egg
Egg 4
Rocket Fuel Egg
Egg 5
Super Material Egg
Egg 6
Fusion Egg
Egg 7
Quantum Egg
Egg 8
Immortality Egg
Egg 9
Tachyon Egg
Egg 10
Graviton Egg
Egg 11
Dilithium Egg
Egg 12
Prodigy Egg
Egg 13
Terraform Egg
Egg 14
Antimatter Egg
Egg 15
Dark Matter Egg
Egg 16
AI Egg
Egg 17
Nebula Egg
Egg 18
Universe Egg
Egg 19
Enlightenment Egg
Egg 0
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