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Picture of a drone.

Drones appear in the sky randomly and can be tapped or dragged on (to avoid mis-tapping a building), knocking them to the ground and giving you a cash/Golden Egg reward. They used to be extremely important but were nerfed in update 1.9. It could be helpful to use Farm to Table when downing drones because the camera can be moved freely.

Since update 1.12, the active running chicken bonus affects farm value and hence the value of drones.

Drones Edit

Regular Drones Edit

Regular Drones are extremely common and quite slow. They appear approximately once every 5-30 seconds.

  • Cash Rewards: A very small amount of bocks (0.01% to 1% of your Farm Value, higher rewards more likely with higher drone research)
  • Golden Egg Rewards: Golden egg 13 (15% chance), Golden egg 16 (80% chance), Golden egg 112 (4.9% chance), Golden egg 124 (0.09% chance), or Golden egg 148 (0.01% chance).

Elite Drones Edit

Elite Drones, added in update 1.1, are very fast and can turn mid-flight, making them harder to catch. They appear approximately once every 4 minutes, but two Elite Drones can spawn at the same time.

  • Cash Rewards: A very large amount of bocks (~40% of Farm Value)
  • Golden Egg Rewards: Golden egg 124, Golden egg 148, Golden egg 196, or extremely rare, Golden egg 1192 and Golden egg 1396.

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