The Dilithium Egg is the eleventh egg in Egg, Inc, added in V1.2.

It is an energy source that contains 1 trillion times the energy of a Fusion Egg.

Initially, a farmer in Bozeman, Montana thought they found a secret trick to make ultra-dense energy eggs, but it turned out they stumbled upon a gene sequence that resulted in the chicken laying Dilithium.

Soon, they are used as the power source of new warp drives and soon, ships are easily travelling at 100 times the speed of light, making interstellar travel simple and easy.


Dilithium Eggs are magenta eggs that appear to be made of small solid rods that surround the empty center of the egg with space between the rods.


  • Dilithium is both a fictional element from Star Trek that enables warp drive and the name of a real life compound.
  • The egg being discovered in Bozeman, Montana is also a reference to Star Trek as that is where humans first met the Vulcans.
  • In real life, Dilithium is a molecule consisting of two lithium atoms (Li2). It is very important in physics, due to being among the lightest molecules.
Dilithium Playthrough

Dilithium Playthrough. - NEW EGG! (Dilithium)

A video demonstrating the Dilithium Egg.

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