The Dark Matter Egg is the fifteenth egg in Egg, Inc, added in update 1.5, but was leaked in update 1.4.

Lore Edit

Soon after the Antimatter Egg breakthrough, strange things began occurring all over the Federation of Planets and no one had managed to solve why. However, a farmer had managed to find and trap a strange chicken that turned out to be from another universe. This otherworldly chicken laid the then-unseen Dark Matter Egg.

Appearance Edit

Similar to Antimatter Eggs, Dark Matter Eggs are black, white-edged eggs with transparent, reflective shells. The inside is filled with a blue cloud and small dots, perhaps stars.

Trivia Edit

  • Dark Matter in real life is something believed to exist in huge amounts in the universe, contributing to its expansion, but it has never been detected or proven.
  • Upgrading to this egg gives you the biggest relative increase to egg value: 100x!
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