Quantum Blitz is a contract that can be fulfilled in Egg, Inc.

Goals Edit

  • Deliver 2B QUANTUM Eggs
    • Reward: Golden egg 1 192
  • Deliver 5B QUANTUM Eggs
    • Reward: ER epic egg laying +1 OR Golden egg 1 50,000
  • Deliver 25B QUANTUM Eggs
    • Reward: Egg of Prophecy 2 1

Tips Edit

This can be a very tricky contract for many users as finding people to work with is difficult in such a short space of time. It is required to either find others to carry you through the challenge or tackle the majority of the goal alone if you have a high enough earnings bonus (somewhere around 20B soul eggs or equivalent) should be sufficient. Since the challenge is only 30 minutes long it is good to plan beforehand and consider the following:

  • You can try the challenge any number of times during the two weeks it is valid
  • Getting upgrades fast and hitting drones can maximize your early profits to increase your egg production.
  • If you have it, make use of the Internal Hatchery Calm by closing the app when you feel you have got a good chicken rate and laying rate.
  • Buy other Epic upgrades to maximize your laying rate over the 30 minute period.
  • The 2x egg value ad bonus is worth getting before you start the challenge.
  • If you can, it is worth maxing the Epic comfy nests before you attempt this challenge.
  • If you are making a group, establish a name AND a start time in advance of making a group. This challenge is short, so it is worth maximizing every second.
  • Note that this was an early contract, and nowadays it might be easier to complete the contract due to large numbers of Eggs of Prophecy.

Even if you think you might not make the 25B for the Egg of prophecy, it is still worth trying the challenge for the other two rewards since the golden eggs can give you a small boost, and there is nothing to lose!

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