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Boosts are temporary bonuses from which a player can benefit in Egg, Inc. Each of them can be purchased in the Boost Shop with Golden Eggs. The exceptions to this are the 2x ad boost (which is activated by watching a video advertisement) or through purchasing an ULTRA Pro subscription, and the New Player Bonus (which exists for only the first few days of your gameplay). By default, the farmer can activate up to 2 boosts simultaneously, and can increase this limit through purchasing the pro permit to activate up to 5 boosts at a time. Boosts cannot be used on Enlightenment Egg farms.

Boost Tokens[]

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In Contracts, Boosts can only be used when one spends Boost Tokens (The Quantum Warming Bulb, Dilithium Warming Bulb, Tachyon Prism, Large Tachyon Prism, and Jimbo's Excellent Bird Feed are all free), which are given periodically depending on the contract. Boost Tokens are also obtainable from video offers and random gifts.

Bulk Purchase Discount[]

There is also a slider at the top of the Boost Shop list that allows a player to either buy just one type of Boost or five of the same type. When a player chooses to buy five Boosts, they get a 20% discount. For example, each Quantum Warming Bulb costs 10 Golden Eggs, but when a player switches the slider to the "Buy 5" position, they get a 20% discount on the five Bulbs, so they only have to pay 40 Golden Eggs, unlike 50 if they do not use the slider. This is effectively a 'buy 4, get 1 free' switch.


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A fast and popular way to gain soul eggs in the very late game is to use 2x Jimbo's Best Bird Feed (10min), 1x Legendary Soul Beacon, 1x Legendary Tachyon Prism, and 1x Legendary Boost Beacon (Costs 77,000 GE). Maintain the maximum running chicken bonus until the farm has reached maximum population. For players who don't have the Pro Permit, one of the best combos is 1x Legendary Soul Beacon and 1x Jimbo's Best Bird Feed. Then prestige, return to the most valuable egg, and repeat from the beginning. For a deeper numerical analysis on Tachyon Prisms, visit this page.

Boost Shop[]

The Boost Shop is an in-game store where players can spend Golden Eggs to purchase various Boosts, which can be used later. There is a 20% sale for buying 5 Boosts at a time.

Icon Name Description Soul Egg}} Golden Egg}} Boost Token}} Effect × Minutes Effect × Minutes/Golden Egg}}
B quantum bulb Quantum Warming Bulb Unlimited hatchery for 10min 0 10 0 10 1
B icon dilithium bulb Dilithium Warming Bulb Automatic Unlimited hatchery for 10min 100K 1K 0 10 0.01
B jimbos blue Jimbo's Excellent Bird Feed 3x earnings for 20min 0 50 0 60 1.2
B jimbos blue big Jimbo's Excellent Bird Feed 3x earnings for 4hr 0 0 1 720 N/A
B jimbos purple Jimbo's Premium Bird Feed 10x earnings for 15min 1 150 1 150 1
B jimbos purple big Jimbo's Premium Bird Feed 10x earnings for 3hr 1 750 1 1800 2.4
B jimbos orange Jimbo's Best Bird Feed 50x earnings for 10min 100 2.5K 2 500 0.2
B jimbos orange big Jimbo's Best Bird Feed 50x earnings for 2hr 100 7.5K 3 6000 0.8
B tachyon prism blue Tachyon Prism 10x internal hatchery for 10min 0 50 0 100 0.2
B tachyon prism blue big Large Tachyon Prism 10x internal hatchery for 4hr 0 500 0 2400 4.8
B tachyon prism purple Powerful Tachyon Prism 100x internal hatchery for 10min 0 1K 2 1000 1
B tachyon prism purple big Epic Tachyon Prism 100x internal hatchery for 2hr 100 5K 2 12000 2.4
B tachyon prism orange Legendary Tachyon Prism 1000x internal hatchery for 10min 2.5K 12K 4 10000 0.83
B tachyon prism orange big Supreme Tachyon Prism 1000x internal hatchery for 1hr 100K 25K 4 60000 2.4
B boost beacon blue Boost Beacon 2x all active boosts for 30min 1K 1K 1 60 0.06
B boost beacon purple Epic Boost Beacon 10x all active boosts for 10min 100K 8K 4 100 0.01
B boost beacon blue big Large Boost Beacon 5x all active boosts for 1hr 500K 15K 3 300 0.02
B boost beacon orange Legendary Boost Beacon 50x all active boosts for 10min 100M 50K 8 500 0.01
B soul beacon blue Soul Beacon 5x soul eggs for 30min 10K 200 0 150 0.75
B soul beacon purple Epic Soul Beacon 50x soul eggs for 20min 1M 1K 0 1000 1
B soul beacon orange Legendary Soul Beacon 500x soul eggs for 10min 10B 10K 0 5000 0.5
B subsidy application Subsidy Application +10% of Farm Value 0 200 1 0.1
B blank check Blank Check +100% of Farm Value 100K 750 1 1
B money printer Money Printer +500% of Farm Value 5M 2.5K 2 5
B soul mirror blue Soul Mirror Activates Soul Mirror for 10min 1K 100 1 10 0.1
B soul mirror purple Epic Soul Mirror Activates Soul Mirror for 1hr 1K 500 2 60 0.12
B soul mirror orange Legendary Soul Mirror Activates Soul Mirror for 1d 10K 2K 3 1440 0.72

The text above for the Boost entries is a faithful representation of the text in-game, not an attempt to accurately convey to you what the boosts do.

This is particularly important for Soul Beacons, which increase the Bocks value plugged into the Soul Egg formula by the indicated multiplier instead of increasing your actual number of Soul Eggs collected by that multiplier. You could still say that the Boosts increase your rate of progress towards any particular number of Soul Eggs you wish to collect by dividing the required time by the indicated multiplier, so perhaps this is what is meant by "soul egg collection rate". But taking half the time to get the same number of Soul Eggs does not mean you can get double the Soul Eggs in the same amount of time.

In other words, Soul Beacons and Bird Food have the same effect on Soul Eggs collected, for a given multiplier and duration.

See the Soul Eggs page for the detailed formula or the table below for a simple (but in some cases flawed) approximation of the actual effect of the boosts.

Icon Name Description Real Effect (0.21 exponent) Unlock Cost Purchase Cost Token Cost
B soul beacon blue Soul Beacon 5x soul eggs for 30min 1.40x soul eggs for 30min Soul Egg}}10,000 Golden Egg}}200 N/A
B soul beacon purple Epic Soul Beacon 50x soul eggs for 20min 2.27x soul eggs for 20min Soul Egg}}1 million Golden Egg}}1,000 N/A
B soul beacon orange Legendary Soul Beacon 500x soul eggs for 10min 3.69x soul eggs for 10min Soul Egg}}10 billion Golden Egg}}10,000 N/A


  • The limit to how many of one Boost you can purchase is 10,000. However, if simultaneously purchasing 5 while at 9,999, then the count will be 10,004, although it'll be displayed as 10K. Players can hold up to 15,000 of a boost at a time, with the extra 5000 being received as contract rewards, video ad offers, or random gifts.
    • A player can no longer purchase a Boost when they have at least 10,000 of that type in their inventory; they still may receive one from a random gift.
  • Boost Beacons multiply the effect of all Boosts except instant cash, discount events, and other boost beacons (meaning boost beacons don't compound with each other, but do stack).
  • Boost Beacons do not boost the Soul Mirror bonus.
  • Bird Feed, Tachyon Prisms, and Soul Beacons also do not compound with themselves. For example, 2x Jimbo's Best Bird feed will multiply earnings by 100 (not 2500).
  • Soul Beacons increase the rate of earning Soul Eggs and cannot be activated in Contracts.
  • Soul Mirror can be only activated in a co-op of a Contract. Only one Soul Mirror can be activated at a time.
  • Farm Value boosts give money instantly and cannot be boosted by Boost Beacons.
    • These boosts each have a 30 second cooldown in order to prevent abuse.
  • Buying a boost adds Golden Egg}} 25 to the Piggy Bank.
  • Sometimes a Special Event will result in x2 Boost duration. Any Boost activated before the end of that event would receive the full increased duration even if it extends beyond the end of the event.
  • Boosts can be cancelled, but they will not be refunded or returned.
  • The Golden Egg cost of many Boosts were changed on Friday March 5th, 2021 at 9am PST.
  • The duration and effect of a few Boosts were changed on January 14, 2022.


  • Jimbo's Excellent Bird Feed (4hr) and the New Player Bonus are the only Boosts that are not purchasable in the Shop.
  • The original 4 boosts were replaced by the Boost Shop in update 1.10.
  • Even though the 8hr. Version of Jimbo's Excellent Bird Feed is not purchasable, the game files state that it costs Golden Egg}}100.
  • Additionally, the Soul Beacons in game show that they require no Tokens to activate in contracts, but the game files state that Soul Beacon costs Boost Token}}5, the Epic Soul Beacon costs Boost Token}} 10, and the Legendary Soul Beacon costs Boost Token}}15. However, they can not be activated in a Contract.
    • This has since been changed to have a value of 0 tokens for these boosts.
  • The text on the "Subsidy Application" boost reads as follows.
    • The P.O. box number is the game's release date on July 14, 2016 (Egg Day).

Department of Agriculture

P.O. Box 7142016
Washington DC 12345
To whom it may concern:
I am writing to you to apply for a federal grant to support farming.
I would li e[sic] to receive an amount equal to 10% of my farm's current value which is the legal maximum.
Please expedite this request I need the funds this second.

Kevin Pazirandeh