• Worder


    July 15, 2020 by Worder

    If you have been reading my edit descriptions, you know that I use the word, "We" instead of "I." I will try to use "I" in blogs. I wanted to be formal because when I talk to others, I always use "I." You might be wondering why I put my edit desciption in quotation marks, too. Well, I've seen someone use it before and "All-new 100 wheel cab-in truck" sounds better in a sentence than All-new 100 wheel cab-in truck. I guess I added the quotation marks becaues it makes the sentence more "correct" to me, so the example in the previous sentence was useless. I think it is about opinion. I belive that (this is a fake description you are about to see) We added a new word to the english dictionary sounds worse than "We added a new word to the dicti…

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  • Dreampenguin

    This isn't an important blog post at all.

    But I noticed through a lucky (1000N)th edit badge I finally passed EnigmaLord in badge points on this wiki. I don't see myself passing 24 anytime soon though. In fact it's possible I'll never claim the #1 spot.

    And that's okay. I'm just making random comments. In fact, I'd love for the wiki to have a bunch of dedicated editors who surpassed me in points.

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  • Dreampenguin

    As some of you may have seen, the 24 (the guy who did most of the work on this wiki in 2019 and early 2020) hasn't made an edit here since April 3rd. While I'd have much longer gaps in activity in the past, what's different about 24 in this case is he has posted that he no longer plays the game.

    So I suppose it's a good thing that I'm a bureaucrat after all - although I'm pretty sure 24 would've been around to pass the bureaucratic reigns on even he had been sole bureaucrat.

    In any case, I'm going to be looking for a new admin who's currently interested in and playing the game who can help keep watch on the wiki. And until I find such an admin I'm going to at least keep an eye on new edits on this wiki to make sure there's no trolls or whate…

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  • JayUnk

    I am on my 10th prestige and running up the 1B edible egg farm trophy. I smash a epic tachyon and come back to population halt at 945M. DAMN! Now I have 2 portals, 2 Mono's and 1.2U cash. Next Portal is 129U. I can't earn that sitting idle or just crashing drones it will take months!
    I am almost maxed out on epic research now and even the Money Printer boost will only give me 2 at a time. so the 11 that i have wont make a dent... i would be loathed to have to sell the farm 50M shy of my 1Billion trophy, i need those soul eggs reward!! 

    Any help or suggestions on how to push past this would be awesome...  I could spend on upgrading transport research but how would that help my earnings rate enough to get to 129U?


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  • BreakOG

    introduce yourself

    February 18, 2020 by BreakOG


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  • Randomer3213

    Complaints about the co-op feature.

    So, I finally decided to set my Co-Op to Private after 11 active members to prevent sleepers. Somehow, 2 people guessed the name of my co-op and joined it. I can't kick them, and one of them had a 3 quadrillion times the earning bonus I had (soul mirror). I can't kick them. I can't do anything with them. They are there, somehow. My co-op name is 18 characters long, and 2 people somehow guessed the name and joined it. All I was trying to do was prevent sleepers. That's it. But, that's not going to happen if I get random people guessing the name of my co-op.

    Since they just recently joined my co-op they don't have the zzzs that sleepers normally do, and I can't kick them. It's getting annoying.

    Please add ano…

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  • Randomer3213

    I would really like the creators to add the kick option to any co-op member such as 0-eggers or players who carry our team without asking plus add a co-op feature in the home farm.

    P.S. sorry for adding so many blog posts xD.

    What I would like to add the kick function to:

    Players who don't contribute at all or contribute very little while still checking in every day basically asking for a reward for free.

    Players who contribute too much in my opinion, carrying our team for no reason.

    And you should be able to promote people to higher ranks so they can kick sleepers.

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  • Randomer3213


    - Drones, ads, boxes, etc. make it easy to gather golden eggs

    - Prices aren't expensive AF

    - Not P2W because you can gather a relative amount of soul eggs but it's a slow process

    - Lots of random rewards and gifts


    - Contracts are always rated 'Hard - Impossible'

    - Sleepers in contracts get annoying especially when you aren't the creator of the group

    - Eggs of Prophecy are impossible to get without having to wait an entire month to get one.

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  • Randomer3213

    the title says it all

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  • Randomer3213

    To people who think the creators of this game are money hungry, they aren't:

    The Pro Permit only costs 7.99 but has a lot of features such as:

    -10 silos instead of 2

    -5 boosts at once

    -Purple instead of grey permit

    And the Piggy Bank only costs 4.99 despite maybe having more golden eggs than the Truckload which is 19.99.

    Even still, there are various ways to get golden eggs without spending money, including:



    -Ad offers

    -Daily gifts




    -Welcome Back gifts

    I hate how people think the creator is money hungry when really, he's not, with a few reasons to why he is not:

    -No forced ads, only ads containing rewards

    -Cheap upgrades

    -Piggybank can be more valuable than something that costs the same or more money

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  • Randomer3213

    I made a page about a contract called 'I Have a Dream'. Apparently, the images didn't work when I looked at the page yet it showed in the recent activities. Why?

    Edit: It works, I just had to do it manually in source mode.

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  • Randomer3213

    Is there a page where I can apply for staff somewhere? I have been active for 5 days currently (proof with the Thousandaire! badge) and I would like a place where I can apply for staff.

    At least 250 achievement points, that should be mandatory as I don't think all of the staff have more than 500 achievement points.

    At least 1 month of activity. I put that because some staff applications require 3 months of activity.

    At least 13 years of age, that way we don't get a bunch of 7-year-old admins.

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  • Randomer3213

    Discord complaints

    February 4, 2020 by Randomer3213

    Yes, Discord may be a very helpful communication system, however, it's gotten out of hand.

    It literally requires you to own Discord to become staff EVERYWHERE on the internet. I mean, seriously. What if I want mod on a Roblox group/game? Requires Discord access. Mod on a wiki? Requires Discord access. I mean, stop requiring Discord for everything.

    It's fine for the wiki to use Discord and not require it to become staff but if everything requires Discord to become staff, it's out of hand.

    It's fine for some places to require Discord to become staff but it doesn't have to be everywhere. I hope the Discord requirement lessens.

    That's my only complaint, I can't make complaints about Discord itself as I don't own it. I just made complaints about t…

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  • Randomer3213

    I haven't seen any edits, comments, or blog posts from any of the staff members, yes I do mean ANY, for the past 3 days, and I'm worried they'll all go inactive.

    I would like to not be the only one helping the wiki, thank you?

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  • Randomer3213

    Inactive staff members

    February 3, 2020 by Randomer3213

    I have seen barely any activity from the staff members today. I, meanwhile, have fixed grammar errors in pages, added to pages, and commented a lot to help the players or to show my progress to the others. I have not seen a single edit or comment from any of the staff today, unfortunately. I don't mean this as harm against the staff, but I would like them to be more active.

    How much wiki activity do I need to become eligible for moderator? I'm thinking 3 months if that. I am still early in the game so I won't be able to add (to) late-game pages.

    That's it, peace.

    Update: I just made a new blog post about the staff not being active for 3 days, and that is true, all I see in the recent activities is me and a fandom user who isn't staff. I'm on…

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  • Dreampenguin

    If we're all honest, I've been a terrible admin and bureaucrat 97% of the time in terms of getting anything done.

    I mean I don't destroy the wiki or promote/demote the wrong people, but I'm just not around unless notified with the exception of a few isolated stints of activity.

    I have all these great plans I always make, but then they stagnate and nothing happens.

    But you know who has been a great editor and admin? 24 - the guy who filed the second adoption request in the first place. So I'm promoting him to Bureaucrat of the wiki.

    While I was worried at the time he might go inactive just as other people did eventually, he has proven to stick around and help out the wiki more than anyone else ever did.

    (And even if theoretically he does disappe…

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  • Tvilder

    im new here please help me

    September 20, 2019 by Tvilder

    im all new here, but I often need help with contracts

    I have 300T Soul eggs so im not new to eggs :)

    where can I post when I start a new contract to find ppl to help me ?

    thanks Tvilder

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  • Dreampenguin

    I'm thinking about making some new place on the wiki where editors can see a list of editing tasks the wiki could use (in some cases quite desperately). We seem to all know the wiki needs updating, but none of us get paid and sometimes we may not have (1) the info needed to make an update, (2) the editing skills to get some task done, or (3) the time commitment to figure out that info or gain those editing skills. Consequently, the wiki remains in a disappointing state.

    We've made great progress at some times (like a couple months when 24 was very active), but sooner or later (usually sooner) we always seem to lose momentum. To help us pool our skills and have some kind of unified direction, it would be good for us to improve our communicat…

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  • AAAmasterwikia

    Sorry for leaving

    August 16, 2019 by AAAmasterwikia

    As the title says, I am sorry for leaving this wiki. My life has gotten very busy due to school, and I could not find the time to be on this wiki. I plan to come back and mostly just watch, and use admin abilities if necessary for things such as rollbacks

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  • Aaaa4xaa

    How difficulty works?

    July 22, 2019 by Aaaa4xaa

    i don't know how difficulty works.

    whereas in contracts Lego Tower! and Federal Reggserve, when I had 10000 SE it was Insane-Impossible

    with 90K or 270K SE it is Very Hard-Impossible

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  • Dreampenguin

    Way back in September 2016, I approached Egg Inc Wiki Founder DarkStar about granting Admin and Bureaucrat (ability to appoint and demote Admins) rights to Enigma and me since DarkStar had basically abandoned the wiki the moment he started it, and the editors in 2016 needed some admin privileges to help improve the wiki. You can view some background on that first adoption in my post on DarkStar's wall and Enigma's blog. Ultimately, Enigma ended up becoming the Bureaucrat at that time, and he appointed a few people (myself included) as Admins.

    Since then, lots of stuff has changed in Egg Inc, but the wiki... didn't really change as much as it should have. But finally things are back on-track, and in due time the wiki should be better than ever…

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  • 24680 FPIC

    Egg Inc category

    June 1, 2019 by 24680 FPIC

    Do we really need the Egg, Inc. category?
    I don't see a use for it, as everything on this wiki should be Egg, Inc. related.

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  • Claymac

    Contracts contratos

    May 22, 2019 by Claymac

    To leave the names to join the contracts.

    Para que dejen los nombres para unirse a los contratos.

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  • Admilinum


    May 22, 2019 by Admilinum

    Stuck at Dilithium Egg even though i have +11,716,287% Earnings bonus.. Help me...

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  • 24680 FPIC

    Hello, I'm 24680FPIC.

    I've been working on this wiki for quite some time and have noticed the inactive bureaucracy, consisting of two people, DarkStar and EnigmaLord. I am currently ranked second in the leaderboards and have constructed many of the templates/icons before units in the wiki, along with generally beautifying the looks and colors.
    There are several articles that need attention[1][2], but I lack the permissions to take action. I plan to also promote some of the staff that have been working hard on this wiki as a moderator and deserve more permissions, as well as move some article names and file names for consistency.
    Since there have been admins still working on this wiki, this blog post will let the community as a whole decide w…

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  • Jaslup

    Cinco de oh no

    May 19, 2019 by Jaslup

    Join cinco de oh-no co-op: May19

    Started on 5/19/19

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  • DJDoge23

    Has anyone noticed that the running chicken Bonus has been increased and also the silo cost?

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  • Iksnimorp
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  • Shaheed0


    Im working on quantun contract and i need someone to help me finish this contract

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  • MisterMaw3er


    December 4, 2018 by MisterMaw3er

    Hello! I started contract called “chocolate!” So I would appreciate your help if someone could join to my co-op, it’s called: charlie-willywonka XD, hope you join!

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  • MisterMaw3er


    December 3, 2018 by MisterMaw3er

    I recently joined to this wiki, but I had already played egg inc since last year, so I could reply some questions if you want, I consider myself a somewhat experienced player, so there’s no problem

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  • Dreampenguin

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the wiki.

    Over the next few days, I'll catch up on any wiki updates I've missed in the last nearly two years (lol). I think we have a lot of stuff to improve, but I'm not sure exactly what yet. I noticed the Bureaucrat EnigmaLord is long gone, so that makes me one of few admins, so I feel some responsibility here.

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  • Vjdizzle

    Max chickens

    July 16, 2018 by Vjdizzle

    When I've maxed out everything, including epic stuff, my max chickens are less that the max amount. Anyone know why?

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  • SwoopyDoopy1

    I've recently gotten to the Terraform Egg. I thought it would increase my Soul Egg production, but I still get most of it from Trophies and Contracts, not prestiging. I'll try getting more Epic Upgrades, but getting as high as possible then prestiging doesn't give me much anymore, at least not on a logarithmic scale (compared to what I already have). I've plotted the relative egg difficulties on a logarithmic graph, and it gets a lot harder in the late-game. Research Upgrades might help me to pull through, as well as additional, more valuable egg types.

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  • Johntrinh099

    Hi I recently started playing this game with my brother and it’s called as y’all know egg inc and we are addicted to it yeah that’s all.

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  • Sethhaveron

    Jump limit detected

    June 16, 2018 by Sethhaveron

    Well looks like Jumping forward is limitet to five days with the new patch .... 

    day six will cut 80% of your unclaimed souleggs and every additional day will cut 25% of you Bock in/outcome..

    wich litterly means as more you jump as deeper you get youreself stuck in the mud. 

    once you return to the current day you get a saucy message : "Stuck in Progress????"   

    Jumping is still ineffective you waste much bonus potential just for filling the hubs .. but there are still some spots you cant pass without it or getting stuck for a week .... 

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  • Henchum

    Cleaning up Contracts

    June 15, 2018 by Henchum

    I'm wondering about a few details that may be worth cleaning up with contracts:

    1. What is meant by the "Unlocked" field on the Contract page and each individual contract's page? As I understand, the unlock criteria is always just unlocking the type of egg needed. eg, unlock superfood eggs to do a superfood contract. If that's the case, isn't the field redundant? it would be better replaced with a statement like, "Note that in order to participate in any contract, you must have already unlocked that contract's type of egg in your home farm".
    2. Can we delete comments related to recruiting from pages where they don't belong? For instance, the 2 comments on Super Food Drive.Now that the contract is over, these comments serve no purpose and they may…
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  • PajamaLlama

    Hi, first off, why are u looking at this? 

    now that that is out of the way, what are some beging tips for me or any other person starting this game?


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  • Tiln

    I don't really know(or care) who are allowed to see this but this message is directed at the Administrators and Moderator.

    I made a 'Wiki staff' role in the discord( so we can chat in real-time(potentially) in a private channel, which will reduce the chances of any of you going fully inactive as you guys seem to like to do, due to discord being a multi-social network thingy or whatever.

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  • StormGaming1

    New Moderator

    May 18, 2018 by StormGaming1

    Please welcome our newest Moderator Tiln, the owner of the unofficial discord. Please give a hearty applause, or don't, I'm sure Tiln is happy either way.

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  • Jewelraffe

    So from what I have been seeing in summaries, apparently the difficulty depends on a bonus. I don't know anything about this, so if anyone can help over HERE with dat info, pls do :D

    Also I guess that means the Difficulty section of the infobox (that I made w00t) is kinda useless.

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  • StormGaming1

    Dedicated to XXsamtsaXx, and the utterly useless page called "Question to Ponder", which I deleted.

    • How are so many chickens stored in such a small space?
    • Who sends you random boxes with money?
    • Why do drones continue to fly over the farm when there is clearly a crazy man shooting them down?
    • With the soon to come out portal henhouse, where would the chickens go?
    • Why did I make this page? (I immdiatley regret misspelling the title)
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  • StormGaming1

    Summery please

    April 30, 2018 by StormGaming1

    I would just like to ask everyone who edits a page on the wiki to include a summery of what they have changed, this allows admins and moderators to check for errors easier. Thanks :D

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  • Beergao

    Doubts about the game

    April 7, 2018 by Beergao

    I'm trying to contribute to the team at Easter Egg, but my contribution does not change and stays zzz in front of my name. What do I do?

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  • Doochungil

    Chocolate Egg plz

    April 3, 2018 by Doochungil

    Chocolate Egg plz

    co-op name dci

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  • 24680 FPIC

    Co-op Names

    April 2, 2018 by 24680 FPIC

    For the new co-op update, I think we should come up with co-op names that we should always join and switch to the next one if we can't. For example, the first few people could start with a co-op named "Team". If that co-op is full, the next people go on to the next number, "Team2", etc. Just a thought to unite teams better.

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    Co-op update

    March 28, 2018 by BOLOYOO


    After last update we can play co-op on missions/concratcs, so I want invite you to play with me. Im actually top 1% of players in leaderboard.

    Team name: boloyoo

    BTW, you can take all contracts at once.

    Regards BOLOYOO

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  • Imposing Flamingo


    August 30, 2017 by Imposing Flamingo

    The good news- after 14 months of diligent playing I have all 15 platinum trophies, a zillion soul eggs, farm value over 50. I grinded it out without ever cracking the piggybank and I never spent a dime. The bad news is the leaderboards haven't updated forever and I sure would love to see my name up top with the other maximum players. So now there is nothing left for me to do but wait for new levels to be released. So will the leaderboards ever update, will there ever be new levels, or is the game sunsetted?

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  • Sanderson281199

    I need help with the one sec mission how do I get 10 trillion in one second

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  • SuperCalaMan01


      So today I joined the Egg Inc. wiki for the first time. Gotta admit, this place needs some spicing up and some more detailed writing and decoration. With a small community, and a love for this game, I figured I could help out a bit. You'll be seeing some more edits from me here soon! As of now, I am writing this at 3:30 in the morning; so I'm gonna get some shuteye.

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