The Antimatter Egg is the fourteenth egg in Egg, Inc, added in update 1.5.

Lore Edit

One day, a reactor powered by Dilithium Eggs exploded, a feat once thought impossible. When this meltdown was investigated, it was found that the DNA enhancements from a supplier had resulted in chickens that laid Antimatter Eggs. These were found to be 1 trillion times denser then dilithium and became the new egg fuel source.

Appearance Edit

Antimatter eggs look like a star surrounded by blue and pink clouds of gas.

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, antimatter is the opposite of matter. If they collide, they annihilate each other and release energy.
  • If the descriptions are true, then an Antimatter egg produces 1 septillion gigawatt-hours of energy. Since a fusion egg produces 1 gigawatt, dilithium is 1 trillion times denser, and antimatter is 1 trillion times even denser, one antimatter egg produces one million yottawatts-hour, 60% the energy the sun produces at the same rate.
  • Upgrading to this egg and Dark Matter Egg gives you the biggest multiplier to Egg Value: 100x!
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